Help the UMPlayer Project

The UMPlayer project is the product of volunteer work of people from all over the world and will always remain free and open source. If you would like to help us improve UMP there are many ways you can contribute; from joining the development team, making a small donation or even reporting a bug, we rely on you and any help will be highly appreciated!


Make a donation

Probably the easiest way you can help us is by making a monetary contribution. You can donate as little as $5 and money donated will be used for hosting fees and development of new features.


Spread the word

Are you a webmaster or a blogger? If so you can help us spread the word by placing a small badge on your website or blog

Copy the code below to embed this button on your website or blog:


Join the development team

If you are a programmer / developer and would like to join the UMP development team, please use the following link to contact us. Currently were looking for Qt programmers, Mac and Linux developers, and Audio / Video experts.


Translate UMP to your native language

If you would like to translate UMP to your native language (or improve on an existing translation), please use the following link to contact us.


Share with Friends

Do you enjoy using UMP? Think its a great media player? Why not share it with all your friends via Facebook, Twitter or email:


Report a Bug

One of the best ways you can help us make UMP better is by reporting a bug using our Bug Reporting tool. Since UMP is cross-platform it is very difficult for us to fully test it on all OS / Hardware configuration and rely on you to report any bugs you may find.


Suggest a feature

We always strive to make UMP better in any way possible and offer unique features not found on any other media player; YouTube recorder, we got that. If you got a killer feature idea you would like to suggest, please use the following link.


Create a new Skin

Creating your own skin is easy and sharing your artwork can be a rewarding experience. If you wish to create your own skin, please visit this link which will help guide you.

After creating a new skin you can upload it using our online form and once the Webmaster have verified it, it will be featured on this page.